A Day in the Life of Fly Fisher Matt Reilly

A Day in the Life of Fly Fisher Matt Reilly
Image of Guide Matt Reilly Fly Fishing with a client on the South Holston River

For Matt Reilly, fly fishing isn’t just a pastime or even the way he makes his living. It’s the lens he sees the world through. Because he has been fortunate enough to build his livelihood around his passion for fly fishing, Matt has no qualms spending 12 to 14 hours a day helping his clients find the fish.

Matt wants all his clients to experience those once-in-a-lifetime catches and works hard to make it possible. He prides himself on spending hours preparing to ensure his clients make the most of their time on the river. Matt makes it his business to know where the fish are biting and what it takes to get them on the hook. That means that even when he isn’t guiding, he is on the water testing a new spot, a new technique, or a new fly. In peak summer season, Matt might spend every day on the water for a stretch of 25 days or more at a time. Sometimes, being a successful guide even means working well past sunset. If a client wants to catch a large brown trout, Matt just might be taking them fishing in the dark when larger brown trout prefer to eat.

Hundreds of hours rowing, casting, and launching rafts can cause some serious muscle fatigue. For years, Matt has made Blue-Emu products a part of his daily routine to help relax tired muscles after a long day on the water, or a few dozen long days in a row. Matt can’t afford to let anything prevent him from showing his clients the best the East Tennessee rivers have to offer. Matt counts on Blue-Emu® Maximum Pain Relief to keep pushing upstream.

Having fly fishing guides in his family meant that Matt always knew that his passion and his livelihood lay on the banks of the South Holston River. Despite the inevitable days when the fish just don’t bite, Matt loves his profession and loves that Blue-Emu® Maximum Pain Relief helps him keep rowing day after day.

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