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BLUE-EMU® Emu Oil Products

Welcome to, home of BLUE-EMU - America's #1 Emu Oil Formula!

BLUE-EMU is proud to manufacture the highest quality emu oil based products, from pure emu oil to advanced pain-relief products, right here in the USA. Formulated with certified emu oil and other premium ingredients, BLUE-EMU is a brand you can rely on for consistent quality and satisfying results!

Original Super-Strength Cream

The flagship of the BLUE-EMU line of products, the Original Super-Strength Cream is the odor free emu oil cream formula that America has come to know and love. In fact, BLUE-EMU has been rated as America's top selling muscle and joint cream based on retail sales. By combining the soothing properties of emu oil in an odorless muscle and joint cream, BLUE-EMU offers what so many consumers have been waiting for. Mike Ditka and Johnny Bench both agree that BLUE-EMU "works fast, and you won't stink!"

BLUE-EMU Pain Relief Products

When the aches and pains of life call for a little more power, reach for BLUE-EMU's line of pain relief products such as our Continuous Pain Relief Spray or our brand new Maximum Arthritis Pain Relief Cream! These products combine the soothing qualities of pure emu oil with powerful active ingredients that absorb quickly without the unpleasant odors of most arthritis creams and pain relief sprays. Our line of pain relief products give you the relief you need, without the odor!

BLUE-EMU Anti-Itch Cream with CORT-EMU Complex

BLUE-EMU is pleased to announce our new line of anti-itch products that combine the strongest over-the-counter dosage of hydrocortisone with our proprietary CORT-EMU Complex to deliver powerful anti-itch relief to rashes, insect bites, poison ivy and much more! One cream, every itch!

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