BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods & Lidocaine Dry Patches

BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods & Lidocaine Dry Patch Bundle

Get both of our exclusive products in a single bundle.

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BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods for Fast Recovery

Whether you’re working out or putting in a long day on the job, BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods will help get you back in the game.

At 4.6 Oz, BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods are intended to help support tired muscles and joints.

BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pods contain emu oil. We combine this with invigorating, cooling Peppermint Oil and the relaxing power of Magnesium. These may help you recover from soreness after working out or strenuous physical activity.

Our bath pods deliver a cooling, tingling whole body experience.

Drop one BLUE-EMU® Recovery Bath Pod to dissolve in a bath and soak to experience the recovery effects.

BLUE-EMU® Lidocaine Dry Patch with Exclusive Dry Technology

When you want all day relief that stays on, then grab a BLUE-EMU® Lidocaine Dry Patch.

BLUE-EMU® Lidocaine Dry Patch are water free, odor-free patches with the maximum dose of Lidocaine allowed Over the Counter.

BLUE-EMU® Lidocaine Dry Patch contains emu oil and 4% Lidocaine using exclusive dry technology. Our patches contain no water, which means that they won’t slide off when you’re working out or working hard. Our patches target the receptors that cause pain, for temporary pain relief for up to 8 hours.

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