The Family Tradition of Hunting

The Family Tradition of Hunting
Image of a Grandfather with his grandson in camo sitting on a truck tailgate getting ready to go hunting

Waking up to a cold floor creaking as I walked to the wood stove to get warm. There stood my grandfather listening to Johnny Cash on the radio. He had probably been up for hours in anticipation, planning our hunt down to every detail. In his mind, we’d head up by the falls, round the cliff side, and on and on (laughter). I remember climbing into a tree stand just before day break. My breath sounded like thunder to me.

After a few hours, I heard a faint sound not like the rest and at once, around 20 yards away, he stood in perfection. My heart pounded in my chest as the words from my grandfather rode the air from his mouth to my ears. Hah memories.

It’s really not about the hunt for me, it’s about being part of a tradition. Passing down stories and tall tales of things that might be true. Learning the skills and what it takes to be a real hunter.

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