Jubal Roe Combines His Love of Rafting with River Conservation

Jubal Roe Combines His Love of Rafting with River Conservation
Image of Jubal Roe USA Rafting Guide talking with a client on the river bank before heading out on the water

Jubal Roe might be a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. He works as a firefighter, a swift water rescuer, and a whitewater rafting guide for USA Raft. All three professions are what most people would consider high adrenaline, physically demanding career choices.

The adrenaline rush and adventure of rafting is what inspired Jubal to become a river guide but, twenty-five years later, he keeps guiding on the Nolichucky River for something other than excitement. His experience guiding on numerous rivers helps make him a better swift water rescuer, allowing him to potentially save more lives. River conservation and nature appreciation is another huge source of motivation behind Jubal’s passion for guiding.

For his local community, the Nolichucky doesn’t just represent biodiversity and natural beauty, it is also industry. Protecting the river preserves important natural resources and creates jobs for guides and outfitters while having a wider community impact. When asked why he guides, Jubal said, “I bring people down the river now, not just to take them down the river, but to expose them to [nature], so they will value it also and maybe want to protect it in the future.”

Jubal thrives on the immersive experience of guiding a whitewater raft. He can become completely in-tune with the environment around him and let the static of everyday life fade into the background.

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