Fly Fishing Effects on Your Body

Fly Fishing Effects on Your Body
Image of Guide Matt Reilly rowing a boat under an overpass while taking clients fly fishing on a local river

Fly-fishing guides might not be exactly what you thought they were. In Matt Reilly's case, guiding goes well beyond showing you where the fish bite or how to perfect your casting technique. When he takes clients on the river, Matt spends hours preparing before launching his raft. He hand ties flies according to what his clients hope to catch and where they plan to go. He packs lunches to make sure that his anglers are comfortable for the duration of the day. And, most importantly, he spends the bulk of his day rowing to take his clients exactly where they want to go.

As anyone who has ever used a rowing machine well knows, rowing isn’t an easy activity. It is strenuous and uses nearly every muscle group in your body in one way or another. Add to that the challenges unique to river rowing, like changing currents and varied depths, and you can imagine the soreness you might experience after rowing a heavy raft loaded with equipment and people for hours on end. During the summer season, for around 100 to 150 days, Matt rows for hours nearly every single day. Repetitive activities like this can cause a wide variety of uncomfortable side effects including lower back pain, sore shoulders, and tendonitis.

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