Chase Vicars Changes the Lives of Youth with Charity Golf Impact

Chase Vicars Changes the Lives of Youth with Charity Golf Impact
Image of Chase Vicars teaching a boy how to play golf as part of his charity Golf Impact

Chase Vicars has loved golf for many years. But in 2019, he realized that he wanted his passion for the sport to become more than a pastime. He wanted to use his favorite hobby as a way to help shape the lives of young people and give back to his community.

Chase Vicars first fell in love with golf when he was a small child attending tournaments with his grandfather. Because of his life-long passion for the game, he has made it his mission to help give the gift of golf to low-income boys. Golf Impact, Chase’s nonprofit organization, seeks to teach disadvantaged boys a sport they might not otherwise get a chance to learn.

Golf can be an expensive undertaking. With the need to purchase clubs, balls, tees, shoes, and more, many children from lower income families will never have the opportunity to take a step onto their local golf course. Golf Impact seeks to minimize these costs and use golf as a way to instill lifelong lessons in its students. Over the course of this four-year program, Chase’s students are provided everything from clothes to clubs, and even meals on the days they attend.

Chase believes that some of the most valuable character traits a young person can learn can be taught using golf. Golf Impact focuses on developing ten key traits in its students including honesty, integrity, and character. At the end of the day, Golf Impact is much more than a program teaching boys to play golf. It’s really all about helping young men become great people who can do great things for their community and their world.