Annmarie Wolfe's Love of Mountain Biking Defines Her Life

Annmarie Wolfe's Love of Mountain Biking Defines Her Life
Image of Annmarie Wolfe mountain biker and women's advocate applying Blue-Emu Continuous Pain Relief Spray to her knee beside her mountain bike

Annmarie Wolfe is passionate about staying active. As an orthopedic nurse, she understands all the benefits from routine exercise. For a number of years, she was an avid distance runner who started road cycling as a way to cross train. Then, she discovered her true athletic passion in mountain biking.

Annmarie immediately fell in love with the solitude and serenity of mountain biking. She found it was the perfect way to completely clear her mind and focus on a singular pursuit. The mountain is her sanctuary, where she can go to be by herself. Mountain biking requires such precision focus that it’s impossible to be distracted by the stressors of her day as she speeds down steep inclines and hits jumps and drops.

As she became a more advanced rider, Annmarie felt called to introduce the sport to other women in her community. Now, she serves as a women’s advocate through Trek’s women advocate program at her local bike shop. Mountain biking can seem like a male-dominated sport. Annmarie has learned to thrive off her male cohorts’ bewilderment. They can sometimes seem shocked to see a woman repairing her own equipment or taking on an advanced trail. She wants to share that sense of empowerment with more women who may consider the sport too intimidating or dangerous.

Mountain biking has allowed Annmarie to forge a strong sense of community among female cyclists in her local area, one that she hopes will continue to grow for years to come.

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