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Poison Ivy & Poisonous Plants!

All across the United States we are afflicted with poisonous landscapes creeping up as close as in our own backyards.

Our nation is covered with various types of poisonous plants that with the slightest touch can lead to multiple forms of severe dermatitis breakouts.

Stop The Itch of Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Can Stay for How Many Years? What!

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac are the most common poisonous plants across the U.S. They are in one word “hellish” if you are so unlucky to encounter one of these plants. As an avid hiker, I have combatted countless patches of these nasty plants and have thought I was sly enough to get through them un-touched…guess again! Most currently I have a small case of poison ivy on my ankle, wore flip-flops into the woods behind my house over a week ago now and it still lingers. It doesn’t take much effort to become afflicted. A simple brush up against your clothes, still has a contamination window of several days and I have even read that its presence can stick around for up to 5 years in some extreme cases.

Poison Ivy's Uncle Urshiol, Lucky them.

So what is it that gives these plants the ability to cause you irritation? Well it’s called Urushiol, and it can be found in every part of these poison plants; including the leaves, stems, and roots. Even when the plants are dead, Urushiol has the ability to be absorbed into the skin still. Majority of U.S. population is allergic to Urushiol, but some as you encounter more and more have the ability to build immunity to Urushiol, lucky them!

Blue Emu Anti Itch Cream

How Do I identifiy Poison Ivy And Other Poison Plants?

These 3 poisonous plants are easily identified with a simple line “leaves of 3, leave them be.” If in doubt stay away from completely as a precautionary method! If you happen to come in contact, the only way not to spread the infection is to neutralize the spot with dish soap right away. Next follow up multiple times throughout your day with a good hydrocortisone to keep the itch at bay and delay the onset of it spreading anywhere else until it clears.

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