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Blue-Emu® to include first OTC Lidocaine Pain Relief patch - Lidocare™


Blue-Emu® to extend product line to include first OTC Lidocaine Pain Relief patch - Lidocare™

BRISTOL, TN March 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/-- The makers of Blue-Emu® announced today the launch of Lidocare™: the first lidocaine patch available over the counter and the ONLY lidocaine patch that is water-free. Following the success of the Blue-Emu® line, NFI Consumer Products have formed a partnership with Mission Pharmacal to bring a one of a kind product to the OTC market.

Lidocare pain relief patch

“After the triple digit growth Blue-Emu® has experienced, we are truly excited about continuing to provide pain relief to all of our NFI consumers through this launch” CEO, Susan Gregory.

After the successful acquisition in 2014, NFI has taken the Blue-Emu® brand from the 10th largest dollar item in its category to the number 1 dollar item and shows no signs of slowing down.

“Blue-Emu® had an exceptional consumer base when we acquired the brand; it just needed a group to add fuel to the fire to raise consumer awareness. With this new launch, our company will now have over 6 products at national retailers to provide our consumers with relief.” EVP Sales and Marketing, Benjamin Blessing.

Pain relief patch Lidocaine 4% lidocaine

Lidocare™ is a truly unique OTC launch; the following are a few highlights for the brand:
• National distribution at CVS and Walgreens in April/May and other retailers later in the year.
• Up to 8 hours of pain relief
• Every patch is produced and manufactured in the USA.
• Has the maximum available lidocaine available without a prescription: 4%
• Patent pending technology for the ONLY water-free lidocaine patch available.
• Ultra-flexible, sweat resistant and highly durable given the lack of water.
• As with all Blue-Emu® products: odor free.

For more information, visit the Lidocare™ website or Blue-Emu® website. Join the #Blueemu and #Blueemu1 social conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more about Lidocare, watch the video below:

One thought on “Blue-Emu® to include first OTC Lidocaine Pain Relief patch - Lidocare™”

  • Lynda Hunter

    i use Lidoderm patches and get relief from them on my back. i have had two back surgeries and need another. The lidoderm patch is soooo expensive and since my husband and I are both retired now, we can scarcely afford these anymore. i do hope your patch is useful and can afford them easier! Thank You, Lynda Hunter

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