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How Long Does Poison Ivy Last?

It’s red, it’s raw, it’s itchy – and it’s everywhere. Poison ivy causes dermatological distress for roughly 350,000 Americans each year. So how long does poison ivy last?  For most people, the rash takes about 5 - 12 days to go away, though in extreme cases it can last as long as a month. The most important thing is to recognize it quickly and to get started immediately with treatment.

How to Tell if it’s Poison Ivy Rash

How Long does Poison Ivy LastIf you’ve got red, streak-like marks on your skin, accompanied by bumps, hives, and/or blisters that are extremely itchy, and you recently participated in any outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, camping, landscaping, or even walking your dog, then there is some bad news and good news.

First, the bad news: You’re probably experiencing a typical poison ivy rash which is an allergic reaction to a nasty toxin called urushiol (you-ROO-shee-all) – the “poison” in poison ivy and its wicked stepsisters, poison oak and poison sumac. Urushiol, an oily substance secreted by the leaves and stems of these plants, only has an effect when it comes into direct contact with the skin; this can occur by touching or brushing up against one of these plants or by touching something that has come into contact with them, like a pair of hiking boots, a gardening tool, or even a pet’s fur. Poison ivy toxins can also be inhaled as smoke when the plants are burned in a brushfire or campfire, causing the allergic reaction to occur inside the lungs.

Resist the temptation - Don't Scratch Poison Ivy?

You may be wondering why you can’t just give in to your overwhelming urge to scratch, scratch, scratch, and the answer is simple: Scratching is literally the worst thing you can do when you have poison ivy. Vigorously scratching skin that is already inflamed and irritated can cause a serious infection – thereby worsening your discomfort rather than relieving it.  So how do you cope with 5 – 12 days of unpleasantness (to put it mildly)?

How to Treat Poison Ivy Rash

Here’s the good news I promised you: BLUE-EMU® has a new anti-itch cream that is effective against all types of skin irritations, including bug bites, chafing, and (hooray!) rashes caused by poison ivy. BLUE-EMU® Anti-Itch Cream contains the highest concentration of hard-hitting itch-fighter hydrocortisone available without a prescription, as well as our exclusive CORT-EMU Complex, a proprietary complex that combines the penetrating power of emu oil with the soothing properties of Aloe, making Blue-Emu Anti-Itch Cream the only cream you’ll need for all of summer's itches, rashes and stings, period.

Bonus Prevention Tips - How to Identify (and Avoid) Poison Ivy

How to Avoid Poison IvyOnce you are clear of poison ivy symptoms, why not make sure you never get it again! Taking the time to learn how to identify poison ivy and other poisonous plants is an important and responsible step to making sure you and your family stay healthy and safe throughout the warmer months. This site can help you learn to recognize poison ivy, which looks different depending on the time of year but is just as dangerous no matter the season. When hiking, camping, or working outdoors, wear long socks or trousers and a long-sleeved shirt and stay clear of brush that could hide the presence of poisonous plants. Wash your clothes in cool water when you get back inside and be sure to wipe off your gardening gloves and utensils as well; these precautions will help lower your chances of developing a rash.

If you’re experiencing or even anticipating the misery of itchy skin caused by poison ivy, visit your local drugstore and pick up some soothing oatmeal bath and a tube of BLUE-EMU® Anti-Itch Cream. You’ll be thanking yourself (and us) later.

Blue-Emu Anti-Itch Cream with Cort-Emu Complex

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