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BLUE-EMU® Foot Therapy Cream - IN STOCK!

BLUE-EMU is pleased to announce that our Foot Therapy Cream, made with real emu oil, is back in stock and available for purchase! Blue-Emu Foot Therapy Cream is made with emu oil, shea butter, aloe vera, peppermint oil and a special blend of botanicals.

Itchy Feet? Cracked heels? Dry feet? BLUE-EMU Foot Therapy Cream is a new approach to foot care. Feel the difference emu oil makes when applied directly to your skin in this fantastic foot product. BLUE-EMU Foot Therapy Cream with emu oil is formulated to provide premium soothing comfort from dry, flaky, and cracked skin - sore heels, and tired foot muscles.

Experience the benefits of emu oil and pamper your skin with BLUE-EMU Foot Therapy Cream!

Blue-Emu Foot Therapy Cream

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