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atopic dermatitis

  • Eczema and skin irritants

    After countless excursions via the web of blog success stories and social media remedies, all the way to real life instances with my own child’s infant years, I came to one common variable stated around 85% of the time when it came to preventative methods for simple to mild forms of eczema. The majority of these cases were directly addressed with the loss of one general type of ingredient found in the majority of personal care products on the shelves today. Now, this is not a cure by any means, but it is the first major step to lessen eczemas grip on your skin.

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  • What is Eczema

    What is eczema? To best answer that question, let’s start at the beginning with the term dermatitis, which refers to random inflammations of your skin that can occur in both children and adults. For some people, these inflammations take place on a daily basis and are more commonly referred to as Eczema or even more specifically, Atopic Dermatitis. This condition exists with 10 distinct variations, all of which are commonly referred to as minor, mild and major forms of Eczema.

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